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Weekly Workouts
Weight Loss Tips

As a fitness & nutrition coach this is one of the questions I get asked the most. Actually I lied. It’s pretty much is the ONLY question I get asked - and with good reason right? I am a fitness trainer after all. We ask our dentist if our teeth hurt and we go to our hairdresser to get our hair cut.

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The Importance of Water

We’ve all heard it a million times from our Doctor, trainers, esthetician and parents….DRINK MORE WATER.

Some of us will do it without even hesitating, while the other half think the water made from coffee is good enough. But, whether you understand this or not, drinking water is so important.  Not only does drinking water save you money (he prices of coffee at Starbucks can get ridiculous!) but there is valid proof and research as to why we should all drink more water:

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Should I Eat Healthy on the Holidays?

I used to go all out on Thanksgiving, like 2-3 plates all out! However, I would feel sick the rest of the day and I wouldn't’’t really even get to enjoy it. That is not fun either. Instead I serve myself a little bit of everything and sit down and talk to those around me. I would honestly just scarf down the food without even looking up and kept eating and eating like an open pit. I prefer not to do that just so I won’t feel sick after and get to enjoy the rest of my night and be able to rest up for BLACK FRIDAY

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Tenergy Vitalis: Body Fat Scale

You are not alone. Many of my clients come to me with some sort of trauma they’ve had with the weight scale. There is a 50/50 chance that they NEVER use that dreaded object. Some of them hide it away in the bathroom closet collecting dust and occasionally let it catch some light when they want to weigh luggage to prevent that $50 “overweight” fee.

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Pumpkin Matcha Latte

Coffee has been my addiction but I do know that it isn’t that great for you. So I have tried to like green tea because of the many health benefits it has. That was a fail. I usually just end up throwing the tea away (I know, so sad). I gave up on my attempts of trying to get into the “tea” world and came to terms with the fact that my love for coffee will just have to do.

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