8-Week: Fall Beast Challenge

8-Week: Fall Beast Challenge

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Are you ready to level up? If so, it's time to enter beast mode with my 8-week challenge! Join this group as we sweat, lift, eat delicious food, and learn the importance of finding balance in fitness! This Challenge will work for any fitness goal: whether you’re looking to lose 60 pounds, 5 pounds or gain muscle!

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive Weekly Fitness Plan
  • Video Demo of each exercise listed in your Comprehensive Fitness Plan
  • Comprehensive Weekly Nutrition Plan
  • Guide to Flexible Dieting, which will teach you all about the importance of and methodology behind using Macros
  • Macro Cheat-Sheet
  • Grocery List of Key Nutrition Staples
  • Weekly email check-ins, during which I will adjust your macros (nutrition plan) as needed
  • Access to a private Facebook group, moderated by me and including your fellow competitors, where you'll get the highest level of support, accountability, and camaraderie 
  • Weekly Q&A through Facebook Live, where you can ask me any questions that come up during your challenge


1st Place Winner (the competitor with the most inspiring transformation)

  • WIN $500!!! Woo-hoo!
  • Get featured on my newsletter
  • Get a personal shout-out on my Facebook and Instagram pages
  • A program of choice to continue after the challenge
  • Beauty Turned Beast Products


Let's do this!!

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