In-Home Fitness + Nutrition Coaching

In-Home Fitness + Nutrition Coaching

from 59.00

I will train you in the comfort of your own home, bringing with me everything we'll need for a fabulous session - including a bangin' playlist. Let's get moving!

Check out my awesome package deals, which include special offers and some amazing savings. Here's what's included in the packages!

1 Session:

  • No discounts
  • 20-minute consult, so I can understand your goals, what you enjoy, and any physical limitation you may have
  • A full list of everything you'll need to train from home
  • An awesome workout playlist, curated by yours truly!
  • 40-minute in-home training, where I lead you through one awesome workout!

4-Session Package:

  • Save $50!
  • Everything included in a single session, plus...
  • 45-minute Fitness Consult, where I'll learn more about your goals, as well as any other information I'll need to create a plan that's 100% tailored to you. This consult can be in person or by online video conference (Skype, Facebook Call, Google Hangouts, or a platform of your preference). 
  • Comprehensive Weekly Fitness Plan, including all the details you'll need to have a successful week of working out!
  • *NOTE this is 1 session per week

8-Session Package:

  • Save $100!
  • Everything in the 4-session package, plus...
  • Comprehensive Weekly Nutrition Plan, including all the recipes you'll need to eat healthy but delicious food that's tailored to your goals and tastes. Learn all about your macros, and how you can use food to fuel your mind and body!
  • *NOTE this is 2 sessions per week

12 Session Package:

  • Save $150!
  • Everything listed in both the 4 and 8-session packages, plus...
  • Ingredient lists, to make shopping super easy
  • Updated Fitness and Nutrition Plans each month (or every 4 sessions)!
  • *NOTE this is 3 sessions per week


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