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You're an independent woman. You make your own money, design your own life, and get your own protein powder off the top shelf. You clean up gorgeously, and you can stand up for yourself at a bar.  You know how to close the deal, run a marathon, glam it up, and take haters down. In other words, you are the #beautyturnedbeast in your own life. I offer fitness and nutrition training and coaching packages to help you be the fiercest, most fashionable babe on the block. Let's do this. 




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A History of Transformation

Hi! My name is Monika, and I'm a global pageant queen turned ISSA Certified fitness, nutrition, and wellness coach.  I have worked with top bloggers and beauty queens, helping them achieve their fitness goals. I believes people should make themselves a priority in their day-to-day lives - which means helping my clients find a healthy balance between work, school, family, mundane responsibilities, and that which inspires us.

From Miami with Love

A Miami native, I put love, passion and firsthand knowledge into my work and lifestyle, motivating others to become as excited as I am about leading a healthy and fulfilling life. Plus, I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, fitness entrepreneur and NPC athlete. While I get a kick out of creating my fashionably fit life, I also understand that most people find working out and eating healthy to be pretty torturous. I'm here to inspire you to do the hard work that yields real, satisfying results. 

My Inspiration 

My fitness journey is inspired by my father.  Years ago, he was diagnosed with arthritis and told he’d spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair – only to later end up competing in two half Iron Man's and two full marathons. His courage and drive made me realize that I wanted to be more than beautiful - I wanted to get STRONG. 

Although I'd never lifted weights before, much less considered myself an athlete, I began training hard and pushing my body's outer limits. This pursuit of inner and outer strength has me all #beautyturnedbeast - in the best possible way.

In 2011, I participated in my first NPC Bikini Fitness competition and my passion for the industry only grew from there. I began educating myself on proper nutrition and exercise and realized almost immediately that my true calling is a career in fitness. If I can inspire and motivate others to also lead a healthy, empowered lifestyle, I'll consider myself a success!

Passionately Healthy Living

Three years later, I've transformed myself into a fashionable fitness guru. I design programs to make working out simple and convenient for the everyday person.

To create your active and fit life, you start by simply moving. Any sort of movement counts toward burning calories and building strength. I encourage you to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk to the grocery store instead of driving or simply squeeze your booty while sitting in front of a computer. It’s up to each individual person to choose the level and program that best suits your lifestyle – no excuses allowed! You will either succeed or learn something new, so it's pretty much WIN WIN.

A Work in Progress

When I'm not helping others through personal training and nutrition coaching, I'm developing new training programs and e-books, exploring the look and feel of my upcoming fitness apparel brand, and enjoying married life with my handsome hubby & fur babies.

Want to learn more about who I am and how I work? Get in touch!


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