I Worked out like Paige Hathaway for a Day

If you don’t know who Paige Hathaway is, have you been living under a tree? I’m just kidding but no seriously she is one of the most well known fitness influencers in the industry, aside from Michelle Lewin.

Paige has been around for quite some time. She started in the fitness world by competing in NPC. She got her big break by posting on Instagram about her fitness journey. She grew a lot of muscle mass very quickly which some find very debatable. She became a sponsored athlete for Shredz Supplement which at the time was huge. They had a lot of issues with some of their athletes and scamming people so that was shut down very quickly.

After Paige parted ways with Shredz, she started doing her own thing and changing her style of training. She became the first female US Ambassador for F45. F45 is an Australian company, Mark Whalberg is an investor, and they are a functional training facility with a mix of circuit and HIIT style training geared towards everyday movement. Classes usually run for 45 minutes.

Luckily, they just opened a studio here in Miami and I was uber excited to try it out. I went on a Saturday so that my niece can join in on the fun. My first thoughts walking in was “what have I gotten myself into” lol. So much equipment and people talking (and oh yea we got there late so the class had already started). I also had no idea where to go because there was no front desk. Thankfully someone came to rescue us and show us what we had to do.

After we filled in some waivers, we were able to catch up on the class. The coach was explaining all 27 of the moves we had to do, while the other coach was doing a live demo. I know what your thinking, 27 different exercises? How will I remember them all, because those were my thoughts too lol. Lucky for us, there are TV monitors in front of each station (that's what they call where you would perform each exercise) so you don’t get lost.

We started right away. We did all 27 stations and then we had to repeat it all over again after a short 1 minute water break. I was pretty exhausted not gonna lie. My favorite part of the whole experience was the cleanliness and how welcoming the coaches were. It was our first time there and they already knew my niece and me by our first names. Also, they go around with you and make sure you are doing all the movements correctly and even wipe off any sweat you may have dripped on the mat or floor. I mean how cool is that? I gotta say, as a coach and fitness enthusiast, I have tried out a lot of exercise programs and workouts and not once have I ever seen any studio as clean as this one.

Overall, I had an amazing experience and can totally see why Paige is an ambassador for such an amazing company. The workout was killer and you can make it as intense as you want. I would love to take another class and maybe even become a part of the F45 family, who knows!

You can check out this video and get a glimpse of how the workout is.

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